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Trustwave Application Security
Designed to help you improve security, reduce vulnerabilities, and ensure ongoing performance of your critical business applications

Businesses rely on Trustwave to help plan, test, build and run smarter and safer web and mobile applications. Our holistic approach allows you to improve the way you deliver and maintain secure apps for customers, partners and employees. Go live. With confidence.

Secure the Application Lifecycle

With the persistent nature of today's attacks, applications can easily be compromised when security is not considered in each phase of the development lifecycle. That's why the complete portfolio of Trustwave technologies and services is designed to help you improve security, reduce vulnerabilities, and ensure ongoing performance of your critical business applications.

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Application Vulnerability Testing

Find application vulnerabilities and remediate them efficiently, cost-effectively, and continuously. Whether you need enterprise on-premise software, a convenient on-demand scanning platform, an entirely managed scanning service, white glove pen testing, or a hybrid of the above, Trustwave has you covered.

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Web Application Firewall

An advanced, customizable and scalable Web Application Firewall that enables you to continuously monitor your application traffic, enforce policy to block threats and address compliance requirements, including the PCI DSS. Tight integration with Trustwave App Scanner solutions lets you activate just the right policies for your apps, optimizing security and performance.

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Managed Web Application Firewall

Need the experts in your corner? Trustwave Web Application Firewall is available as a fully managed service, delivering real-time management of threat status, alerts and performance; continuous monitoring of Web Application Firewall sensors; and regular tuning and configuration support. It also offers full integration with SIEM for advanced threat correlation.

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Application Penetration Testing

Control your application testing schedule and budget. With advanced tools, flexible delivery, unprecedented visibility and ongoing insight into vulnerabilities, Trustwave Managed Security Testing for applications delivers penetration testing on demand,when and how you need it.

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Web Content Monitoring

Identify problems and policy violations that can harm your online business and your brand, such as offensive or potentially illegal content on your company websites. Trustwave Web Content Monitoring supports specific standards, including Visa's ecommerce merchant inspection requirements and the MasterCard BRAM program.