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Trustwave Managed Encryption
Achieve regulatory compliance and reduce liability

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Trustwave Managed Encryption
Trustwave Managed Encryption
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Businesses need to control access to sensitive data to achieve regulatory compliance and reduce liability. Trustwave Managed Encryption delivers integrated full-disk encryption for laptops, encryption for USB drives and other removable media, and encryption for email attachments — all as a managed service.


Trustwave Managed Encryption Services help customers control access to sensitive data so they can achieve regulatory compliance, reduce the liability of publicly disclosing data breaches and protect valuable intellectual property.

Leaders in the health care, retail, education and legal industries, among others, have chosen our easy-to-manage, cost- effective data protection. Our services include management of your Trustwave Encryption product or other third-party vendor's products.

With Trustwave Managed Services for encryption, you can expect:

Around-the-clock support from five Security Operations Centers, staffed with experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience working with complex network environments for highly distributed environments. Save time and money while reducing your burden.

Integrated threat intelligence from SpiderLabs, the Trustwave advanced threat research team. Let this highly skilled group worry about your security so you don’t have to. Increase your uptime by preventing security infections and keeping malware out.

Compliance support for any of a number of regulations and industry requirements, including PCI DSS, FFIEC/GLBA, SOX, HIPAA and more. We have deep expertise in compliance and can help you navigate the complexity of these mandates.

Zero capital investment with long-term reduced, predictable costs.


Trustwave Encryption is a single product that protects information across the enterprise. Rather than a collection of applications pieced together on a platform, our solution is one integrated product with revolutionary encryption technology for full disk, removable media and email attachments.

Trustwave hosts encryption servers for you, so your company doesn't have to invest in expensive hardware or allocate precious resources to manage encryption software. We use only world-class hosting providers, so you're ensured of proven service and reliability. Trustwave Managed Encryption provides automatic encryption, key management and logging, while your on-site administrative console gives you real-time reporting and user management capabilities.

Trustwave Managed Encryption services include:

A single, integrated software image: Install only one software image for file encryption, full-disk encryption and protection for removable media, email attachments and CD/DVD.

Streamlined central management: Activation, key management, user management and tracking for data throughout the enterprise.

Uninterrupted protection from device to device: Persistent file encryption with Smart Tag technology keeps data constantly protected to alleviate gaps.

No expensive infrastructure requirements: Trustwave hosts data encryption servers for you, using highly secure and advanced capabilities. There is no need to purchase expansive servers to host encryption software or hire IT security specialists to manage it.

High availability: Many organizations are concerned about how a network outage will affect their hosted security model. Trustwave uses multiple redundant servers to increase availability. In the event of a network outage, Trustwave allows users to work in an offline mode, ensuring that critical, secured data is always available to users when they need it.


Trustwave Managed Encryption offers breakthrough data protection software that protects information wherever it goes. The service combines persistent file and full-disk encryption, which provides customers with a single integrated solution for protecting data at all of its most vulnerable points, such as laptops, USB drives and in email attachments.


Learn how Trustwave helps you manage your security in a simple, cost-effective way.

The Trustwave Managed Security Services global Security Operations Center (SOC) network enables us to offer managed services for vendor products, including from Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks and others, all backed by certified expert staff. Our five SOCs provide around-the clock-support, staffed with security experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience working with complex network environments for highly distributed environments.

Full Disk Encryption with Smart Tag Technology

Trustwave Full Disk Encryption (FDE) provides strong protection for your critical data wherever your company's laptops go. Trustwave FDE makes it easy for you to protect your laptops with a simple management interface, best-in-class encryption performance and painless password recovery.

Our Smart Tag™ technology contains encryption and protection policies that stay with data as it travels from device to device, so information is consistently protected at all times and wherever it goes. Since Smart Tag technology protects data on many different devices (i.e., device-independent), you can avoid the decryption/re-encryption cycles that slow down processing times, while alleviating gaps in your data protection and significantly reducing the number and cost of data protection solutions in your infrastructure.

Email Encryption

TrustKeeper Agent is installed on workstations within a business network and serves as the delivery agent for data and compliance policy monitoring. The agent also delivers more robust monitoring and alerts to help you maintain compliance on an ongoing basis.

For small, flat networks that use dynamic IP addresses, the agent will send an updated external IP address back to Trustwave to facilitate vulnerability scans. It continuously looks for stored prohibited data, such as credit card numbers and track data, to help identify where the data is on the system so you can take action to either protect it or expunge it. The Trustkeeper Agent also provides File Integrity and Windows log monitoring.

USB Encryption

Trustwave offers the simplest and most effective USB protection available. Our USB encryption features simple user functionality and protection that is much more cost effective than hardware-based encrypted USB drives.

Trustwave Smart Tags travel with data when it's transferred to USB drives, so files get the same protection that they do anywhere else in your organization. Simple, user-friendly settings even let you securely access data on computers where Trustwave Encryption software is not installed. It's a seamless way to safely access information from any computer.


Download the Trustwave Managed Security Services Data Sheet (PDF).