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Trustwave Improve Insight with Big Data
Helps you drive greater visibility, intelligence, relevance and scale from rapidly growing volumes of heterogeneous data

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Trustwave Improve Insight with Big Data
Trustwave Improve Insight with Big Data
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You have a huge amount of information living in and across your systems - structured data, unstructured data, sensitive data, compliant data and more. From enterprise databases to Facebook posts, what if you could take your data, apply the right analytics to it and then use it to better enable efficient compliance, improve threat intelligence, and even act faster on new business opportunities?

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Know Your Data

Big data is a big deal. Businesses are doubling data every 1.2 years. By 2020, the digital universe will equal 40 zettabytes. The amount of data created every day is estimated to be 2.5 quintillion bytes. No question, the volume of data we have at our disposal is overwhelming. But more important than the sheer quantity of data is what you can do with it.

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The more you know about your data, the more you can use it to your advantage. You can uncover a tremendous amount of business intelligence from your data – and that knowledge is power. Many businesses today are mining their data and employing advanced analytics to increase revenue, strengthen their security intelligence and even streamline the compliance process.

Trustwave helps you drive greater visibility, intelligence, relevance and scale from rapidly growing volumes of heterogeneous data. We work with you to identify what data is important, understand what you're trying to measure, and then help you automate the process of collection, analysis and action.


Trustwave helps you get to know your data and use it to your advantage to solve real life problems. Whether you're looking to get automated and sustainable around compliance initiatives, elevate your defenses against threats or gain insight that can help you drive new business opportunities, we've got a solution that can get you there.

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Improve Compliance Efficiencies

Powerful but simple to deploy and manage, Trustwave enables logging, correlation and a single audit point for compliance across your entire ecosystem. With distributed processing, pre-configured roles, rules and reports, we give you best-practices frameworks and a single view into automating and sustaining your compliance and security initiatives.

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Elevate Threat Intelligence

Trustwave can get you moving towards broader analysis of your security data, with advanced threat correlation, rule- and role-based access, customization options and superior reporting. We deliver a scalable enterprise-ready platform that provides the insight you need to predict and defend against known and unknown threats across your entire ecosystem.

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Advanced Threat Management

Trustwave SIEM and Threat Correlation Services offer advanced and highly customizable options designed for the broader demands of your business. With more heterogeneous data analysis capabilities, flexible architectures and platform interoperability, you can extend beyond compliance to improved security and threat analysis, as well as improved business insight through the collection, correlation and analysis capabilities around even broader sets of data.


Do you need to analyze data to improve compliance? Do you want to respond quickly to the latest threats? Are you looking to increase revenue by extracting customer intelligence from your data? When it comes to big data, no matter what you need to know, Trustwave can help you to:

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Drive Efficient Compliance

Using the power of big data, you can turn compliance into a repeatable, sustainable process, and get broader oversight into mandates. Across PCI, GLBA, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, FISMA, NERC/FERC, CIP, and more, Trustwave SIEM solutions help you meet your compliance requirements and manage the process with a single audit point for collection, analysis, and monitoring - and that delivers a sustainable process, automated risk reduction and a faster path to compliance.

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Improve Security Intelligence

The threat landscape is hostile and attackers are more sophisticated than ever. To combat today's threats proactively, you need holistic intelligence. Trustwave SIEM and its patented analytics engine can cross-correlate data from almost any source, delivering anomaly and trend detection, automated learning, and the ability to easily incorporate critical metadata and flexible rule-based and role-based frameworks, so you can monitor, detect, and respond quickly and intelligently to known and unknown threats.

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Turn Information into Business Action

Information technology can enable new revenue opportunities for business. Through deeper analysis of customer behavior, correlation of transaction patterns, or even mapping revenue cycles to external events, your big data can mean big business intelligence. Trustwave SIEM offers advanced and fully customizable platforms and bi-directional integration with a broad range of data sources so you can turn information into action.


Download the Trustwave SIEM Data Sheet (PDF).