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Trustwave Security Awareness Education
Empowers your employees with the security know-how to help protect your business against growing security risks and compliance missteps.

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Trustwave Security Awareness Education
Trustwave Security Awareness Education
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Your staff handles sensitive data as a part of its everyday routine. Ensuring they understand the security risks relevant to their duties is imperative. Human actions can result in loss of intellectual property and exposure of customer data, breaches that could result in lengthy investigations, costly fines and negative brand sentiment. Proper training and awareness can help ensure your employees don't transform from assets into liabilities.

Trustwave Security Awareness Education empowers your employees with the security know-how to help protect your business against growing security risks and compliance missteps.


Our cloud-based Security Awareness Education gives your team the tools they need to help protect your data. By educating your employees, you reduce the chances that your business will become a victim of today's information security threats. Our education program meets the requirements of common compliance regimes by delivering up-to-date training that targets the right audience with the right content. Trustwave Security Awareness Education is:

  • Hosted in the cloud or on-premise
  • Easy to manage
  • Designed for a variety of employee roles, including software developers
  • Informed by our real-world security threat and compliance expertise
  • Available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.


Security Awareness Training
You can select from a range of courses, covering security and compliance best practices. Examples include training on establishing strong and effective passwords, and recognizing and avoiding common traps like spear phishing attacks and targeted malware. We know how important it is to get the message to stick. That’s why our training is informative, interactive and engaging –and includes case studies, videos, choose-your-own-adventure activities and more.

Expert Insight

Our instructional designers specialize in creating effective learning tools. They work with our security consultants, ethical hackers, penetration testers and data breach investigators to deliver content that is uniquely informed by our applied security knowledge and compliance expertise.

Role-Based Content

With our mix-and-match lessons, create courses that target specific roles within your business or specific compliance needs. We keep lessons current and relevant. We’re also able to customize the content to meet the specific needs of your industry, region, language or business.

Flexible Deployment

We can host our cloud-based training and deliver the content to you on demand. All we need is a list of learners. You'll be able to view their progress in real time and export data for analysis, charts and compliance reporting. Or, take our content and host it on your own platform. Because our content is built to open standards, you can publish courses to your SCORM-compliant learning management system.

Secure Development Training

Our web-based technical courses introduce your application development staff to theory and best practices around planning, writing and testing secure code. You can enroll your developers in just one of the courses most relevant to them or provide them access to our full suite of secure coding design courses.

Easy Management

Our user management dashboard makes overseeing and managing security awareness education for employees faster and easier for your training administrators. Email templates automate the process of rolling out instruction to employees and sending reminders to perform annual training checkups.