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Trustwave Content & Data Security
Designed to fight the most advanced threat landscape

When it comes to protecting your data, Trustwave helps you keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. We're with you on the threat battleground, safeguarding your business against malware, targeted attacks and blended threats, while at the same timehelping you improve control over your data and enhance productivity for users.

Strong Protection Against Advancing Threats

Data is the lifeblood of your business – it's your customer information, your intellectual property, your sensitive communications, your social media updates. The problem is that your data can quickly fall into the wrong hands and put your business at risk. Trustwave integrated solutions for Content Security have been designed to fight the most advanced threat landscape, while delivering a positive experience for users and better control over data that’s being accessed, shared, moved and stored.

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Secure Web Gateway

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway delivers the most accurate protection from next-generation threats through our patented malware entrapment engine. Secure Web Gateway enables safe, productive access to Web 2.0 and social media, while ensuring compliance, minimizing data loss and reducing malware risks. And its centralized policy control and a single interface make it simple to deploy and manage.

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Managed Anti-Malware

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway is available as a fully managed service, delivering the strongest anti-malware technology in the industry, along with configuration support, policy development, real-time management and on-demand reporting. Integration with technologies like Data Loss Prevention and SIEM strengthens your threat analysis and visibility across your environment.

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Secure Email Gateway

Trustwave Secure Email Gateway is a secure messaging solution that protects your business and your users from email-borne threats, including phishing, blended threats and spam, and delivers improved policy enforcement and data leakage prevention. Itfilters all incoming and outgoing email at the perimeter, using deep inspection to scan all content. For managed and internet service providers we offer the Service Provider Edition .

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Data Loss Prevention

Trustwave Data Loss Prevention enables you to defend against data leakage and comply with regulatory demands. With automated and customizable actions, Data Loss Prevention can easily detect and identify structured and unstructured data, then classify, correlate, capture and control information outflow, with actions that allow for encrypting, quarantining or blocking.

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Web Filtering

Trustwave Web Filtering restricts access to inappropriate and potentially dangerous websites and applications, enabling organizations to enforce acceptable-use policies and comply with industry and regulatory requirements.

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Secure Browsing Plug-In

Trustwave SecureBrowsing makes it safer to search, surf and socialize online. This free browser plug-in displays security icons next to links on search engines such as Google and Bing; in web-based email like Gmail and Yahoo; and on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Secure Browsing even works on HTTPS version of these sites, so you'll know which pages are safe and which ones to avoid.