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Trustwave Mobile Security Solutions
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Trustwave Mobile Security Solutions
Trustwave Mobile Security Solutions
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Conducting business is possible from virtually anywhere. Your customers and employees are on the move, and they access data, share information and conduct business using mobile devices and mobile applications. As corporate bring-your-own-device (BYOD) adoption increases and mobile applications proliferate, revenue and productivity can rise - but so can exposure to risk.



of companies allow employees to use personal devices at work

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minutes per day in employee time savings using mobile devices



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Embrace Mobility with Confidence

The rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets and other personal devices is revolutionizing the way we work and the speed at which we conduct business, but it’s left many organizations searching for an effective way to embrace the benefits of mobility while keeping their customers, employees, data and networks safe.

Initially perceived as a disruptive phenomenon, corporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) adoption has substantially increased productivity by allowing employees to access business applications and data from virtually anywhere in the world.

However, BYOD also poses real security challenges. The shift from traditional platforms with well-established security and compliance frameworks to emerging, mobile technologies exposes enterprises to new threats and risks that cannot be mitigated with traditional security tools. With BYOD, organizations need to take a new look at their governance, compliance, mobile device management and security strategies.

Trustwave solutions for Mobile Security deliver a holistic approach for your mobile strategy. With a comprehensive suite of integrated technologies and services tailored to the unique challenges of a mobile environment, we help you understand your risks, develop the right policies and test your environment. We also secure your users, applications and your sensitive data so you can embrace mobility with confidence.


Trustwave offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio tailored for your mobile environment. We help you take advantage of the productivity and business opportunities that mobility enables. With Trustwave, you can develop the right mobile strategies for your business, implement solutions to secure your mobile devices, defend against malware, while also securing your applications and application platforms and ensuring their performance.

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Mobile Risk Assessment Services

Trustwave offers flexible and customizable Mobile Risk Assessment Service which enable you to develop, assess and refine your mobile and BYOD strategies. We help you identify gaps and potential risk exposure, and establish a pragmatic balance of productivity and security. Customizable professional services include risk assessment, policy development, architecture review and mobile security awareness education.

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"Self-Sealing" BYOD Network Protection

With integrated technologies, we can help you seamlessly identify and control mobile devices on the network, mitigate malware propagation and intelligently "self-seal" the network from further spread of malware introduced by a mobile user. Additionally, you can have a central audit and enforcement interface for all mobile users and activity. The Trustwave integrated solution includes Security Information and Event Management, Network Access Control, Secure Web Gateway and Data Loss Prevention.

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Managed Application Penetration Testing

Trustwave delivers a comprehensive suite of Managed Testing Services that cover mobile devices, applications and systems. We can help you identify vulnerabilities, reduce threats and strengthen the security of your BYOD deployments, as well as ensure the security and performance of your mobile applications and application platforms.

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Two Factor Authentication

We offer an innovative two-factor authentication solution that is flexible and affordable enough to support any scenario in your environment. Cloud-based, end user self-provisioning can take place from anywhere on the network with minimal administrative support.

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Security Awareness Education

Our Enterprise Mobility Assessment includes Mobile Security Awareness education. This training helps build employee awareness and knowledge about mobile and BYOD risks and acceptable uses and promotes adherence to policies across your organization.


Are you just starting to think about mobile device use by employees? Are you looking to review your current policies and advance your mobile strategy? Are you planning the launch of a new mobile application? When it comes to mobility, no matter where you are in your adoption, Trustwave can help you to:

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Identify Gaps and Vulnerabilities

Our application experts and proven tools help you develop, analyze and refine mobile and BYOD strategies and policies, and help you strike that pragmatic balance between productivity and security.

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Manage Emerging Risks

With broad and deep expertise in risk management and compliance, we help you understand the impact of mobility on your risk posture, and help you either develop new strategies or hone your existing strategies so you can future-proof your business.


Protect from End to End

From the device to the network, Trustwave cooperative security technologies are integrated to strengthen your defenses, improve speed of mitigation, and centralize management and control across your entire environment.


Go Live with Confidence

With the application expertise of the Trustwave SpiderLabs team, we help you to ensure the security and integrity of your application or application platform throughout the lifecycle - from development, to testing, to "go live."