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Trustwave for Financial Services
A comprehensive and flexible portfolio for financial services companies wishing to protect their infrastructure, networks, data and users against today’s advanced threats

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Trustwave Financial Services
Trustwave Financial Services
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Financial services companies, which include banks, credit unions, investment firms and insurance companies, are in the business of managing money. Their fundamental connection to wealth and the global economic system as a whole make them a high-value target for cyberattackers.


The finance industry consistently is on the frontlines of the threat battleground. While companies that populate this sector typically are advanced in their security and compliance postures compared to other verticals, they still face significant risks from a range of threat adversaries, including financially motivated hackers, state-sponsored intruders, hacktivists and malicious or unsuspecting insiders.

A recent survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that cybercrime is the second largest cause of economic crime (after asset misappropriation) facing financial services companies. The study also learned that cybercrime was responsible for 38 percent of the economic crime incidents facing finance companies, more than double the percentage for other industries.


Trustwave offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio for financial services companies wishing to protect their infrastructure, networks, data and users against today’s advanced threats, while ensuring compliance with regulations and requirements such as GLBA/FFIEC, SOX, PCI DSS and the FTC Red Flags Rule.

Risk Assessment Services

Helps you find, identify and prioritize threats to your organization so you can correct any deficiencies, and obtain and maintain compliance.

Security Awareness Education

Instructs your employees and contractors to understand the threat of social engineering and follow best practices for security, including password management and the safe use of web and social media tools.

Penetration Testing

Identifies and manages potential vulnerabilities in your networks, applications or databases.

Network Access Control

Ensures managed and unmanaged devices connecting to the network comply with policies and do not introduce malware.

Two Factor Authentication

Serves as a token-less, cloud-based solution to prevent password interception and guessing, and verify a user’s identity.

Web Application Firewall

Protects against external attackers launching DDoS attacks or using vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, to steal sensitive information.

Secure Web Gateway

Enables safe and productive access to Web 2.0, while ensuring compliance, minimizing data loss and eliminating malware risks.


Helps you gain broad visibility of threats to your network and improve your compliance process through logging, monitoring, and analysis of events.

Data Loss Prevention

Discovers where your personal information lies and deters it from leaving the organization in the wrong hands.

SSL Certificates

Encrypts credit card or other sensitive data that you collect through your website.


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Fight Fraud

Whether they are spearheading phishing or DDoS attacks, account takeovers, or something else, cybercriminals constantly are shifting their tactics. Trustwave's data security safeguards protect sensitive information to mitigate fraud. Financial institutions can rest easy knowing that they can offer convenient, online services for their customers without the risk of losing their trust.

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Meet Compliance

Regulatory pressures facing the financial industry, such as GLBA and PCI, require organizations to have a thorough understanding of their risks and then be able to implement policies and technology to rectify any shortfalls. Trustwave solutions are created with compliance in mind, and directly can map back to all of your requirements, no matter how prescriptive they are.

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Prevent Insider Theft

While the threat posed by external attackers tends to dominate the headlines, the risk of errant insiders or malicious employees walking out with sensitive data can be just as troubling. Trustwave can monitor networks and systems for signs of anomalies and ensure that sensitive data stays put. In addition, we can train your staff on safe computing practices and coders on secure development.

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Automate and Achieve Simplicity

Through our cloud-based TrustKeeper platform, you get a single view into of your technologies and services, so you can more effectively manage your security program. In addition, you can centrally automate and manage controls, policies and procedures across multiple compliance frameworks. Whether your business is large or small or something in between, TrustKeeper is built to scale with you.