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Trustwave Network Access Control
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Trustwave Network Access Control
Trustwave Network Access Control
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Trustwave brings it all together. With a nerve center powered by SIEM, you can improve collaboration between the pieces of your security infrastructure to reduce costs, identify internal and external threats sooner, and reduce risk.


Through market-leading and patented technologies, Trustwave NAC enables granular control over network access and continuous monitoring of corporate-sanctioned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) endpoints. This can help you to prevent the spread of malware and other threats that can harm infrastructure and leave your business vulnerable to attack and data loss.

Why do customers choose Trustwave for network access control?

Seamless, agent-less deployment with "dissolvable agent" technology that delivers uninterrupted, full lifecycle pre- and post-admission monitoring support.

Real-time detection and control for managed, unmanaged and even seemingly unmanageable assets on the network.

Integrated support of BYOD through our Mobile Security Solutions Portfolio, delivering automated "self-sealing" protection for the network.

Improved threat prevention via automated detection and restriction of non-compliant devices based on device type, vulnerability assessment, potentially malicious behavior or infection.

Flexible deployment options allow Trustwave NAC to be installed as an appliance or software, or delivered as a Managed Security Service.

Centralized management administers and monitors all devices and policies from a central console.


Trustwave NAC is a scalable, full-cycle solution designed to protect any network infrastructure, providing full protection for all endpoints, managed and unmanaged. We combine agentless network access control with zero-day threat prevention, automated policy enforcement and network intelligence to deliver a unified view of endpoint activity and powerful analysis of your network's history and usage. Together, these features deliver comprehensive endpoint control and offer security checks throughout the lifecycle of a device's network access.

Trustwave NAC includes seamless integration with any wired or wireless network, detection and control of managed, unmanaged and unmanageable assets on the network and prevention of malware introduction when users browse the web over their personal device.

Key features of Trustwave Network Access Control:

  • Agent-less deployment for seamless deployment and monitoring
  • Active Directory integration
  • Complete protection for all endpoints, managed and unmanaged
  • Automated detection and restriction of non-compliant devices
  • Automated policy enforcement across all devices
  • Analysis of every packet from every device
  • Ongoing security checks throughout device's connection
  • Functional in any network infrastructure
  • Unified view of endpoint activity

How It Works:

Trustwave Architecture

Trustwave Network Access Control is built on our scalable and extensible Trustwave Architecture, which includes TrustOS™ and TrustedSentry. TrustOS™ is the common software platform that unifies all of our products. TrustedSentry is our standardized hardware model. Together, the Trustwave Architecture delivers greater efficiency by allowing for easy scaling and rapid integration across our products, as well as third-party solutions.

TrustKeeper Cloud Platform

Standard Support includes email and phone support, plus maintenance updates.

Premium Support includes 24x7x365 email and phone support, one-year hardware warranty, next-day replacement service for Trustwave Network Access Control hardware appliance and maintenance updates.

On-site installation, extended hardware coverage, and professional services are also available.


Download the Trustwave Network Access Control Datasheet (PDF).